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Welcome to OffersPlus

  Idea- Offers Plus distributes Coupons, discounts and product catalogues all around Egypt, OffersPlus the dedicated consumer benefit magazine and community satisfying all your shopping and savings need.... Simplicity!!

A 4 step program for all your Shopping Pleasures.
Just in the mood for shopping..!?
  1. Go through our available offers & find out what you want to buy.
  2. See which brands have available offers or new releases.
  3. Find how much discount is on it or where to buy it.
  4. Cut the promotion, and enjoy.
A 3 step solution to all your Saving Needs.
Decided to buy something..!?
  1. Check our magazine or website for the available deals.
  2. Cut the coupon. (As needed.)
  3. Go to the store, and enjoy.

Origin of the IDEA

    We are all consumers at one time or another during our day,
And with our accelerating life pace and the growing pressures of life,
we have grown in need of a hub or a place or for someone that would
do the collection job for us, the filtration, the time consuming tasks,
get us the best available prices or products, and simply give it to us.
We deserve it. We need it!

And of course the memories of:
  Being told of a great bargain..., but was too late to take advantage of?!
  The hours spent running from store to store...
  More Consumer Stories…

Have clearly shown this need, and motivated us to present solutions.

And thus, the idea of OffersPlus was born, to be developed now to a Consumer-Benefit Community. And still evolving...

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