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Welcome to OffersPlus

  Our Culture & Values- Offers Plus distributes Coupons, discounts and product catalogues all around Egypt, OffersPlus the dedicated consumer benefit magazine and community satisfying all your shopping and savings need.... Are the bases for our success.

      At OffersPlus, our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundations of our success. We recognize that our business depends on
the creativity, dedication and performance of our employees. We encourage employees to focus on achievementthrough collaboration and innovation.
      As an advertisement and marketing leader, OffersPlus has one of the most exciting product pipelines in the industry today. A
pipeline of innovative solutions brought to life by diverse, talented, performance driven people.


Our Values:

  •  Appreciation. Whether employees, consultants, clients or users. We realize that our people and associates are the reason behind our success, prosperity and growth. We always seek ways to motivate and enrich their lives.
  • Team work. The old proverb "one hand can't clap" is a great portrayal of the waste entailed if teamwork collaboration and brainstorming is not utilized or harvested properly.There is no limit to what combined brain power can accomplish, thus there are no limits to our success.
  • Development. Investing in our employees has proven to be the best allocation of resources. We have designed an ongoing development and improvement program, starting from the beginning of our relationship.
  • Innovation. Our community is built on diversity, inspiration and innovative ideas, required to fulfill the rapidly changing market needs. Our people in collaboration with our R&D department produce new solutions and implementable ideas by the week.
  • Corporate Responsibility. During our daily businesses dealings, We are guided equally by our corporate plans, our values and our corporate social responsibilities. We cannot prosper but within our society and community.
  • Maintaining our growth while sustaining our beliefs. We do what we do best, and we do it with pride.
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